Backs up/restores Win95 long filenames in DOS.
Version 2.7
Copyright 1995, 2002 D.J. Murdoch

Special License Terms

Who needs a special license?
Volume discounts
Site licenses
Custom versions

Who needs a special license?

A single license for DOSLFNBK is sufficient if only one person will be using it on multiple computers (on computers at home and at the office, for example), or if several people will be using it on one computer.  In other cases, multiple licenses are required. 

The number of licenses needed is the smaller of:

There are two kinds of discounts available if you need more than one license.  Volume discounts are the best value up to around 100 licenses.   For large numbers, a site license may be worthwhile.

Volume discounts

Volume discounts give you multiple licenses, each with the same terms as a single license.  The single license price is $15 ($10 + $5 for shipping and handling) if ordered by credit card.  There is no shipping and handling charge on volume discount orders.  The pricing schedule is as follows (all prices in US dollars):

1 license


2-10 licenses


11-25 licenses


26-100 licenses


101 or more licenses


Volume discounts are also available through Digibuy, or by sending a cheque or money order (payable in US dollars, or an equivalent amount in Canadian dollars or UK pounds) to me at the usual address.

Site Licenses

The terms of the site licenses are quite flexible. Typical terms are given here; contact me if you would like terms specific to your needs.

You get one master copy of the program on diskette, including source code, and a single printed copy of the documentation.

You are licensed to distribute the binaries to your users, but not the source code: it is licensed to a single user.

You are licensed to recompile the program with changes (it requires Borland Pascal 7, and ideally you should have the Object Professional library from TurboPower Software, though I provide approximate workalike routines) and to distribute the recompiled binaries to all your licensed users.

I will provide email support to a single user for a year, but you must provide internal support to all other licensed users. Source code updates will be available for one year. You are licensed to
obtain updates of the binary version of DOSLFNBK indefinitely from my web site.

Pricing (in US dollars):

Up to 1500 users $500 plus $1/user
2000 to 10000 users $1800 plus $0.10/user
10000 to 50000 users $3000
More than 50000 users Negotiable

Site licenses are available by contacting me directly, by email or at the usual address.  Purchase orders will be accepted only if authorized in advance.

Custom Versions

Custom versions of DOSLFNBK are available; contact me by email at for details.  The cost is generally the same as a site license, plus time and materials charges to produce the custom version.

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