Sorts Win95 long filenames on disk. Shareware; registration information below.
Version 1.7
Copyright © 1995, 2004 D.J. Murdoch

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The original Norton Utilities had a program called DS which could sort your DOS directories according to your preferences. Later versions added a graphical interface so you could manually move files around.

When Win95 came out with the VFAT long filenames, DS stopped working. It hadn't been written to handle the new directory records. Symantec (the current owners of the Norton Utilities) haven't produced a new version of DS as far as I know, so when Jacques Bensimon suggested that a minor modification to my long filename backup utility DOSLFNBK could do directory sorts, I decided that I wanted DS badly enough to write it myself. There was already at least one freeware/shareware utility called DIRSORT, so I called mine LFNSORT.

LFNSORT does both more and less than the original DS. It can sort on more characteristics:

It can also sort according to a pre-specified order that is saved in a file. What's more, it can be run in DOS or a DOS box in Windows, and will not mess up the long filenames in either case.

The current release doesn't have a graphical sort for manual positioning, but that is currently in the works.

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New in This Release

The main improvement in Version 1.5 of LFNSORT is the addition of FAT32 support. It also fixes some serious but fairly rare bugs in 1.4, and makes a small change to the syntax of the parameters. Here are the details:

FAT32 support
The current release of Win95 (OSR2) supports partitions on hard disks larger than 512 Megabytes. It does this by making fairly substantial changes to the internals of the disk storage, including changing the File Allocation table from 12 or 16 bit entries to 32 bit entries. LFNSORT now supports FAT32.
However, I would like to add a warning. Microsoft has provided truly terrible developer support for FAT32, effectively making it impossible to obtain a copy for testing for less than the cost of a new computer, and I don't personally have a copy. They even seem to treat the documentation of FAT32 as some sort of secret. All of the testing of FAT32 in LFNSORT has been done externally by volunteers, and this delayed the release by at least 6 months.
The FAT32 code in LFNSORT has been released now for more than a month in DOSLFNBK, so I am reasonably confident that the bugs are out. However, if you use FAT32, you should watch out for bugs caused by other utilities; I expect a lot of them are rather poorly tested there.
Change to Syntax
DS and older releases of LFNSORT require the sort order to be specified as the first parameter and the directory as the second. Version 1.5 allows the order to be reversed. You need to include a "." or a "\" in the directory if you give it first to signal that it's not a sort order.
Bug fixes
The following bugs in version 1.4 have been fixed in version 1.5:

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LFNSORT version 1.7 is available by clicking here.

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LFNSORT is *not* public domain software. You may use it at no charge for an evaluation period of 30 days only.

You are free to distribute unmodified copies of the complete LFNSORT package, provided your total charge is no more than $1. The total cost of a compilation (e.g. a CD ROM) including LFNSORT must be no more than $1 per package in the compilation.

To continue to use LFNSORT beyond the 30 day evaluation period, you must register it. There is currently only one registration level available:

$10 simple registration
This registration fee gives you a license to use one copy of LFNSORT indefinitely. If you include an email address when you register I will notify you of new versions and how to obtain them yourself. I'll also attempt to answer emailed questions about LFNSORT from registered users.
DISCONTINUED $20 bonus disk registration
DISCONTINUED $45 source code registration

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Last updated October 2004.