ShowFAT 3.03, by D.J. Murdoch

See your disk!

ShowFAT is a low level disk viewer, designed to work with any DOS or Windows FAT file system. You can see the physical locations of files on your disk,view their contents, and recover data from erased files.


Download ShowFAT

This is a free trial/shareware copy of ShowFAT. (File size: 361k)

ShowFAT requires Windows 95, 98 or NT to run, and a FAT file system. It does not support viewing of NTFS or network file systems.

Register ShowFAT

Register your copy of ShowFAT for just $20 plus $5 handling. When you order, we will email you a registration key to disable the "nag" screen and to enable the file recovery features.

Register through PayPal:

or register by mail; send a cheque to

D.J. Murdoch
354 Victoria St.
London, ON, N6A 2C8

Screen Shot

This is the main ShowFAT window:

The squares and rectangles represent the clusters of files; I have chosen here to highlight fragmented files in yellow.

Here are two views of my directory C:\.

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Copyright 1999,2002, D.J. Murdoch, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.